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Monday, November 18, 2013

A Nativity Scene for Baby

I made some space in one of the cubby holes in Parker's room this weekend for his nativity scene. My intention was to make one but clearly that wasn't happening so we bought this wooden peg doll set from Target instead. Target saves the day...again! I also bought the little wooden house from Target (it turns into a shelf). Parker loves the colorful wooden dolls and none are safe from his grabby little hands. I keep having to tell him not to smash baby Jesus and one of the wisemen went missing for a couple of days. I'm actually really surprised that the angels still have their wings. The only thing missing? The ox and the lamb. This will just have to do for now.
Checking this one off our Christmas activity list!
[Perfect for baby's little hands]
[Mary used to have a halo...until Parker pulled it off]
[A close up of the 3 wise men]

[Forgive the crazy hawaiian shirt. We went to a luau themed birthday party this weekend.]

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