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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ideas for an Epic Wild Kratts Birthday Party

We've decided to host Parker's 3rd birthday at a local arcade to cut down on the amount of work we would have to put into party planning. True to form, I have made up for all the time saved from throwing a "simple" birthday party by coming up with ideas that will take up a lot of time. Ha! Can someone please save me from myself?

The theme for this year's party is "Wild Kratts" and we are going to turn the party room into an animal party! Here are some of the ideas that I am planning to incorporate into the party. 

[via Pinterest]

We are opting for a small cutting cake since Parker has never been a real fan of cake. Something simple like the cake above will look great on the dessert table. The plan is the fill the rest of the dessert table with boba drinks, Parker's favorite sweet treat. 

The Official PBS KIDS Shop | Wild Kratts Birthday Adventure Banner:

I love this affordable birthday banner from the PBS Kids Shop. We'll be hanging it from a 10ft frame above the dessert table. 

DIY Jungle Vines (Brown Crepe Paper  Green Construction Paper) -- Can be reused as nursery decoration too!:

I'll be creating some jungle vines for decor. The vines are simple, cost effective and create a big impact. Instead of using brown paper bags like the tutorial in the link above, I bought a large roll of kraft paper. I cut all the leaves using a Cricut machine to save time.

New 10 Foil Helium Animal Balloons Walking Pet Balloons Jungle Safari Zoo Party  #1PaysLess #BirthdayChildPartyChristmasNewYear:

A large shipment of walking animal balloons arrived this week! These fun animal balloons will work as both party favors (everyone will be able to adopt an animal at the end of the party) and decor.
Girly Safari Themed 5th Birthday Party - Kara's Party Ideas - The Place for All Things Party:

I love the idea of using wood stumps for decor but have no idea where I can find said stumps. Help!

I'm not sure what else I will come up with before the party but I hope Parker likes it. I can't believe he is turning 3. If you want to see my full idea board on Pinterest, follow me at Stay tuned for pics of the party! 


  1. I loved all their fast food items. Last year I threw my birthday party at McDonald’s. This year I am planning to host a grand party and looking for beautiful event venues since then. Hopefully, will get one venue soon.

    1. We ended up hosting the party at Nickel City though I'm sure my son would have loved McDonalds.