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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Christmas: A New Twist on Parker's Christmas List

We have a lot of family and friends that we don't get to see as often as we would like. So this year I'm going to put a little twist on Parker's Christmas list. How about instead of giving Parker a Christmas present our friends and family give him a Christmas gift? The gift of your time. We are blessed to have so many toys at home and Parker is far from needing a new one to add to his collection. Of course every kid loves new things but I challenge you, friends and family, to give him the gift of your time or an experience instead of a new toy or clothes. I know it may be difficult for those who live further away but that's why it's called a challenge! All we want for Christmas is you.

This post is inspired in large part by Christella Morris' The Gift of Not Giving a Thing and my older sister's confession that she stashes unopened Christmas and birthday gifts in her garage in an effort to cut down on the clutter.

Parker's Christmas List

1. Parker is obsessed with airplanes right now. I'm sure he would love another airplane toy. But you know what he would love even more? To spend a couple of hours watching planes take off from the airport or maybe visiting the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum on Miramar Road. The look on his face when he spots a plane in the sky is priceless.


2. Parker's other favorite thing right now is The Hulk. Or as he says it "Hulkiees". He freaking loves Hulk. Everything is "Iron Mans" (his term for all superheroes) and "Hulk" these days. There are literally hundreds of Hulk toys out there but you know what would be really cool? If you went to the Marvel Experience in February for Parker's birthday or came over and played superheroes with him for an afternoon. It would be a great opportunity to see his Hulk smash!


[Image spotted on Pinterest]

3. We love visiting new places and taking pictures for the blog. Little man literally has a camera in his face all the time. Parker is always curious of our Tuan's big camera and loves to push all the buttons. How about you take him out for a photo field day? It doesn't need to be anywhere fancy. He would probably get a kick out of taking photos of Frank or his toys. He could be the next Hawkeye Huey.


[Image and great activity ideas on Click It Up a Notch]

4. If you absolutely just want to buy a gift, Parker would love a gift subscription from Citrus Lane. Their boxes are always well curated and we can receive them throughout the year instead of just in December. Let's spread the love around. 

5. We love reading books! Here are some books that I think Parker will really enjoy. The catch? Try to make time to read the book with him...over and over and over...

Press Here $12.32

6. When in doubt, give cash. We're Asian, this is totally acceptable and most definitely preferred over new toys. Here are some creative ways to give cash gifts at Christmas time.

Box of Money

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