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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Are You Ready for Some Football? Gourmet Game Food Recipe Round Up

Tonight marks the beginning of a very important event in our house: FOOTBALL SEASON. Over the next few months we will cheer, we will despair, we will agonize over who to play, we will spend countless hours on the couch, talk smack and we will pray that number 18 completes a lot of touchdowns. So cheers to the start of football season and good luck to everyone in Tuan and Minh's fantasy football league! I hope to create at least a couple of the recipes below this season.

My heart is exploding with love today for my new niece Julia. Ahhh I can't wait to see her this weekend.

[Spicy Whiskey BBQ Sliders. I need this.]

[Bacon & Melie Corn Bread with a big pot of chile would be perfect.]

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