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Friday, May 23, 2014

BURU Online Clothing Boutique for Breast Feeding Moms

Thanks to a great fashion blog called Ain't No Mom Jeans (check it out if you haven't already), I have just learned of a new online boutique for breastfeeding moms. In my early BF days, I struggled to find fashionable clothes that made it easy to whip my boob out in and ended up exclusively wearing button up shirts for a while. This website makes things a lot easier and the price point for most items is not outrageous. I love that they list the function of each top so you know if it's good for pumping, BF or both. Of course you can find similar items at cheaper prices but if you are planning to BF for a while (I'm still doing it 15 months in) I think it's worth it to get some quality items that will stand up to a lot of washing because, trust me, there will be stains. At the very least, the styling on the website gives you great insight on how to dress cute when you are out and about with baby. There is a solution for every difficult social occasion from wedding attire to work to a day at the park. I wish I owned the Waterfall Wrap. It's 1000 times more fashionable than the BF covers I have and would have come in handy when we went to a baseball game for Tuan's work party a few months ago.

Cheers to you, Human Buffet! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend.

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