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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Let's Get Healthy

During my pregnancy, I was at the doctor all the time being monitored for my diabetes and everything else. What kept me motivated with keeping up with all the glucose checks, injections and pills was the little bean growing inside me. I wanted to give him the best start I could.

Fast forward one year, I finally went to the doctor for my annual check up and received some scary news. My A1C is off the charts and I have high cholesterol. What?? While I am not that surpised about my A1C score, I am very surprised about my cholesterol level. Dr. A made it very clear that I need to make some serious changes to get myself back on track. So this is me, making it public that I am going to get my act together so I can be a healthy and happy mama. I spend all this time making sure Parker is eating healthy meals while I have been indulging in girl scout cookies and waffle fries. Yikes! The bottom line is that I don't ever want Parks to have to take care of me because I made bad choices about my health. I want to be fit and healthy enough to see my grandbabies get married.
[Parker feeding daddy while daddy is feeding Parker. These two are my motivation.]

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