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Friday, August 2, 2013

Obsession: South Korean Hipster Kids Clothing

I used to think that Parks was pretty cool by baby standards...until I found this Korean children's clothing site. Whoa! Where did all these hipster Korean babies come from and why are they so damn cool? P has so much to aspire to. Check out some of my favorites from Showy Kids. They need to open a store here in the US. 

[I could totally see a celebrity kid wearing this star t shirt.]

[Just as cool as those Swedish backpacks that have been popping up everywhere lately.]

[I wish P had this kids hair.]

[Not sure why anyone would need an across-the-butt pocket but these pants are fantastic.]

[Something about little kids in cardigans makes me smile.]

[Just too cool. Look at the expression on his face!]

[Big hipster glasses.]

[I really need this t shirt.]


  1. My parents just came back from Korea - I should've told them to bring back baby clothes!! Gf K

    1. I'm sure they will be back there again like next week :)

  2. i love this nice t shirts cute baby Awesome concept wonderful.job.

    1. Thanks! I love South Korean Fashion.