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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Winter is Here for Tuan's 34th Birthday

For Tuan's 34th birthday, I planned a low-key Game of Thrones inspired bowling birthday party. We are big GoT fans and it was fun to publicly declare our fandom at Fountain Bowl. We bowled boys vs girls and, since the guys are waaaaay better than us, we gave them two toddlers and a 200 point handicap. Like the Lannisters in the Battle of Goldroad, we didn't have a chance and were slaughtered.

Introducing the Lords of Pinterfell!

Versus the Mothers of Dragons! We're not regular moms, we're cool moms.

We bowled for team bragging rights but I also made individual awards to encourage ridiculous behavior. 

Here's Giao shaking her booty as she gets ready to bowl. She tried the hardest to win the "best warm up award".

I'm so happy with how the shirts turned out! Thanks to my little sister Tania for designing them and a huge thanks to InkPress for printing them. The other bowlers at the alley were definitely talking about how good they are! 

After bowling, we cut into this delicious cake. Everyone had a slice and then Giao and I sat there and ate the rest straight off the sheet while watching the leaked season 7 episode 6. There's no shame in our game. 

[Happy birthday, @deejaytuan! We love you to the moon and back.]

Related but unrelated. Before we bowled, we had an amazingly decadent lunch at Trade Food Hall in Irvine. Here are some of the highlights. 

[Bacon chedder fries Pig Pen Delicacy]

[Bird in Hand from Two Birds]

[Lobster fries from Dos Chinos]

[Our favorite people to pig out with!]