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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Take a Hike at the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve

The Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve encompasses 4,000 acres between Rancho Penasquitos, Sorrento Hills and Mira Mesa. In less than 10 minutes, I can get from our house to a preserve that includes a waterfall, a babbling stream full of frogs, fish and crayfish, giant sycamores and oaks and so much more. How rad is that? Parker and I recently went on a short hike to explore the preserve and it did not disappoint. When we arrived, the ranger informed told us to watch our for rattlesnakes and rattlesnake babies which look like small sticks. Apparently, they are breeding right now. Yikes! We spent most of our time hiking along the Streamside Trail which was shaded by oak and sycamore trees. We hiked for a couple of hours and covered about 2.5 miles before Parker started getting tired. I hope the photos below inspire you to get out and explore this wonderful urban gem.  

Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve
12020 Black Mountain Road
San Diego, CA 92129
Parking $3

Mom tips:
-Bathrooms are limited once you get passed the entrance. There are only porta potties.
-The trail is stroller and dog friendly.
-Closed-toed shoes are recommended. 

[A solo fence lizard soaking in the morning sun.]

[Into the wild.]

[Anyone in there?]

[Blooms along the Cactus Trail]

[Can you see me, Mom? I'm camouflaged.]

[The elusive crayfish. Easy to spot and hard to catch.]

[Mom. Mom. Mom. I have a great idea. If I sit right here with the net, the fish will swim right in.]

[Our great catch of the day was a California Toad. We put him in the critter keeper for observation.]

[Streamside afternoon snack with Mr. Toad.]

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