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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas: A Peek at Parker's Advent Calendar

While hanging the advent calendar...

Me: Parker, wanna touch it? 
Parker: I wanna touch it. *Reaches and touches the bottom*
Me: Ok, try to touch it again.
Parker: *Reaches but can't touch it. Gets on his tippy toes. Still can't touch it.* I wanna touch it!
Me: Ok babe, hang it there.

We're on day 3 of our countdown to Christmas and Parker is totally fascinated by the advent calendar Tuan and I have put together for him. He is dying to get his hands on day 4. I'm totally in love with the advent calendar too. After many conversations that went kind of like this

Me: I really need to start working on Parker's advent calendar. Why is it so hard to find wool felt in San Diego?? 
Tuan: Make it out of something else.
Me: But I don't have to have to bother with hemming all the edges. Man this is going to be an expensive project. Wool felt is really pricey.

So I just swiped and bought it. Sometimes you just have to especially when the calendar is as beautiful and timeless as this Urban Pine one from Land of Nod. I love it. The quality is impeccable.

[Sorry for the craptastic pictures. The lighting in our bedroom is really bad.]

Each pocket is filled with a fun winter activity and a little treat. Almost everything is airplane or superhero themed and purchased at Target or Party City. I tried to coordinate the treat with the activity we would be doing that day.

Putting the activity list together was the hardest part. Here is what I put together after browsing Pinterest and checking out what would be happening around town in the month of December (in no particular order).

1.       Get Christmas Tree
2.       Hang the wreath
3.       Write Christmas Cards
4.       Collect pinecones
5.       Bake chocolate chip cookies
7.       Visit Grandma & Grandpa
8.       Visit  a Christmas tree farm
9.       Watch a Christmas movie
10.   Set up the Nativity scene
11.   Read the Nativity story
12.   Decorate the tree
14.   Petco Park Winter Wonderland
15.   View Christmas lights in the neighborhood
16.   Make a snowglobe
17.   Wear new pajamas to bed
18.   Christmas dance party!!
19.   Build a marshmallow snowman
20.   Color a Christmas picture
21.   Hang mistletoe
22.   Drink hot cocoa
23.   Write a letter to someone and send it in the mail
24.   Buy candy canes and hang them around the house

25.   MERRY CHRISTMAS, Parker!